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In the autumn, Kraków reveals its creative side: culture shows that innovation, the avantgarde and alternative can happily coexist in a city usually associated with history.

Autumn '21

Autumn Full of Surprises

Sacrum Profanum and Unsound, Patchlab and Audio Art… For many years these festivals have been associated with brand-new formats such as contemporary and alternative music, digital art and multidisciplinary artistic activities, bringing a breath of fresh air to the city’s ancient walls.

Creative Kraków enters into dialogue with traditional Kraków in many ways, including design: we will explore its different facets with the project A Thing for Art. Design in Kraków, presenting the potential of applied art through a programme including educational events, fairs and exhibitions.


Artistic creativity intertwines with business-like organisation and, frequently, futuristic settings. 2021 has been the Year of Stanisław Lem, culminating during the Megabit Bomb Festival in September, and the programmes of the majority of Cracovian events abound with references to the great author and futurologist through concerts, installations, events in the virtual space and out in the city…

Autumn '21

Selected events

Sacrum Profanum: Maturity



Drawing on its twenty years of experience, the current formula of the festival aims to bridge independent and academic music…

A Thing for Art. Design in Kraków



This autumn, events held under the banner A Thing for Art once again bring together initiatives by Cracovian artists, designers,…

Open Eyes Art Festival



The Open Eyes Art Festival is a space presenting all forms and genres of art including painting, sculpture, film, photography,…

Patchlab | digital art festival



The 10th anniversary Patchlab Festival is held under the banner GAME OVER. It recalls artistic games which form an important…

Unsound 2021: dəəp authentic



The Unsound festival specialises in contemporary electronic and experimental music. It is renowned the world over as an event which is always…

Conrad Festival



The largest international literary event in Poland and one of the most important of its in Europe. It showcases literature…

Etiuda&Anima International Film Festival



This international event has been held in Kraków since 1994. The festival confronts the achievements of students at film and…

Opening of the Stanisław Wyspiański Museum

from 19.11

The latest permanent exhibition of the National Museum in Krakow, shown in the former city granary, includes a collection of…

We want to build a modern city, shaped by the coexistence of different values and norms while remaining loyal to local historical processes and rules which have been developed here, by the Vistula, based on regional and national heritage. A city which is complex and diverse in the cultural sense.

- Bożena Gierat-Bieroń -

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