Prescription for Autumn

This autumn, there is quite a dose of literature and an antidote for longing for the summer ahead if us in Kraków.

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Discover KrakówCulture

We admire culture in its festive and everyday manifestations, from the largest festivals, loudest concerts and monumental exhibitions to hundreds of monthly meetings and artistic discoveries. This impressive vision is backed by countless sources of Kraków’s cultural heritage and tales which continue to inspire and serve as a reference point for contemporary artists.



The anniversary Conrad Festival, the Megabit Bomb celebrating Stanisław Lem and the celebrations of the tenth anniversary of Kraków becoming a UNESCO City of Literature are just around the corner! The season abounds with music, alternative, film and even digital festivals and exhibitions, and Wesoła unveils its brand-new creative side. Reach for the latest “Kraków Culture” to explore all the colours of cultural autumn!

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KrakówCulture Lab

We want to build a modern city, shaped by the coexistence of different values and norms while remaining loyal to local historical processes and rules which have been developed here, by the Vistula, based on regional and national heritage. A city which is complex and diverse in the cultural sense.

Dr. Bożena Gierat-Bieroń

Instytut Studiów Europejskich

Kraków’s long, rich history makes the entire city into a museum, but it is also constantly changing and evolving in response to the latest needs and challenges. The very concept of cultural heritage – which shapes Kraków’s identity – is fluid, since it means using the past to reach contemporary goals.

Dr Katarzyna Jagodzińska

Instytut Studiów Europejskich

The Greek philosopher Sallust explained stories told by people to help them make sense of the world around them by saying, “Now these things never happened, but always are”. Cracovian tales come from a melting pot of legends, the departed, the sacred, anniversaries and anecdotes. The city boundaries are marked by mounds of Krak, Wanda, Kościuszko and Piłsudski.

Dr Antoni Bartosz

Kongres Kultury Regionów

Festivals are celebrations of culture and a manifestation of the city’s potential. To understand Kraków is to understand their annual rhythm, to notice how they reach for Cracovian identity and heritage to build new meanings and become an indelible part of the contemporary city life.

Robert Piaskowski

Plenipotentiary of the Mayor of the City of Kraków for Culture