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From the Divine Comedy theatre festival to the musical feast served up by Opera Rara, from grand exhibitions in new museum spaces to intimate presentations of local artists – Kraków’s cultural life has no intention of hibernating!

Winter '21

Winter Tales

The festive period abounds with culture as well as spirituality, with nativity scenes all around us, the merry Christmas market and the dazzling Three Kings Parade.

The Cracovian tradition of nativity scene-making was Poland’s first entry on UNESCO’s Intangible Heritage List, and it boasts a popular competition for the most beautiful constructions exhibited at the Museum of Krakow; it also features the special project All Around Nativity Scenes, taking us on a trail of selected scenes illuminating shop and restaurant fronts all over the city.


The exhibition Toy Clinic, presented – where else? – at a former hospital takes us on another charming journey to childhood fascinations.

Winter '21

Selected events

Not Only Bruegel and Rubens: Painting of the Low Countries at Wawel



Wawel Royal Castle presents an exhibition of 31 paintings from its own collection and loaned by the National Museum in…

All Around Nativity Scenes



Cracovian nativity scenes once again set into the city space: the project prepared jointly by the Museum of Krakow and…

Stanisław Wyspiański Museum

from 3.12

The latest permanent exhibition of the National Museum in Krakow, held in the former city granary at Sikorskiego Square, presents…

14th Divine Comedy Festival



The international theatre festival presents the finest productions by Polish scenes from the last season. The audience gets a chance…

Nativity Scene Contest Exhibition



After a few years away, the post-competition nativity scene exhibition returns to the freshly renovated Krzysztofory Palace. The exhibition presents…

Cracow from the Beginning, Without End

from 19.12

The Museum of Krakow invites us to the Krzysztofory Palace where history, magic and legend intertwine with contemporary daily life…

German Film Week



Poland’s largest review of the latest films from beyond our western border, covering myriad genres and topics explored by German…

Opera Rara Festival



The event resounds with rarely performed operas, frequently revived after years in obscurity. Capella Cracoviensis, organiser of the festival and…

Kraków’s long, rich history makes the entire city into a museum, but it is also constantly changing and evolving in response to the latest needs and challenges. The very concept of cultural heritage – which shapes Kraków’s identity – is fluid, since it means using the past to reach contemporary goals.

- Katarzyna Jagodzińska -

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