Discover Kraków Culture

From Advent to Carnival, from Divine Comedy in December to Opera Rara and Materia Prima festivals in February – spectacles of traditional and avantgarde theatre, opera and theatre of form set out the framework of the winter cultural season in Kraków.

Winter '22

All the Colours of Winter

The stories they tell are an accurate and important commentary on the world around us.

And let’s not forget our city’s unique tradition of nativity scenes, originating from a custom of performing nativity plays, so a form of theatre in themselves.

The heritage is maintained by local families, handing the skill down the generations, and celebrated with an annual competition and exhibition at the Museum of Krakow. The tradition has been added to UNESCO’s List of Intangible Heritage – let’s keep that in mind as we follow this year’s trail All Around Nativity Scenes.

And while you’re out and about, make sure you visit Kraków’s many fairs, starting with the Christmas Market at the Main Market Square. The colourful stalls feature brand-new décor, and the traders are increasingly selling hand-made wares and traditional Christmas decorations and toys.

Festivals are celebrations of culture and a manifestation of the city’s potential. To understand Kraków is to understand their annual rhythm, to notice how they reach for Cracovian identity and heritage to build new meanings and become an indelible part of the contemporary city life.

- Robert Piaskowski -